Tractive | Don’t Be Shocked

Dynamic shock absorbers, which give the sensation of being in a racing car, are now available for all drivers.

Most cars come fitted with standard shock absorbers that are difficult to adjust for personal use.

Tractive Suspension has developed electronic shock absorbers, which combine the data that is already present in cars with data from various sensors. The driver can enter his or her personalised preferences using a control unit. All of this data is used to calculate an optimum setting for the shock absorber. This means that drivers can be sure that the car has optimum and safe road handling irrespective of the road conditions.

This innovation project has not only led Tractive to develop its own product line for the after-sales market, but also to collaborations with large external partners such as BMW.

The development of the Tractive shock absorber solution was also made possible by a R&D subsidy (WBSO) and the Top Sectors Innovation Incentive Scheme for SMEs.

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