Prysmian | The world’s thickest aluminium core


With the help of the WBSO subsidy, Prysmian was able to exchange copper for aluminum in high-voltage cables. 

The background: Prysmian

Copper is traditionally an important component in cable construction because of its good conductive properties. However, copper is also a heavy material, very expensive and susceptible to theft. Aluminum could offer a solution as an alternative, but it has different properties, which makes developing a thick high-voltage cable with this material a very complex technical challenge.

The result

In an intensive and costly R&D process, Prysmian has developed the thickest high-voltage cable (cross-section of 3,500mm2) with an aluminum core in 1.5 years. The cloak was also redesigned. There is a so-called ‘earth screen’ around the aluminum conductor and the plastic layer. This is an aluminum casing ring. In addition to being lightweight, it is also an environmentally conscious choice: Aluminum is non-toxic and much easier to recycle!

The innovation

Plus Projects advised how this innovative project could be accommodated within the WBSO subsidy. For this it had to be clear what benefits the innovation would realize. First of all, the weight of the cable has been considerably reduced. This makes a big difference when laying. Moreover, the construction without a copper core is much cheaper and less susceptible to theft.

This innovative cable system is now being used successfully in the Netherlands for the transmission of energy over longer distances, including in wind farms in the North Sea and in the energy supply in the Randstad conurbation. 

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