GKB | Most sustainable industrial site

Building company GKB believes in sustainable construction and has demonstrated this by constructing the most sustainable site in the Netherlands.

GKB created the most sustainable industrial site in the Netherlands for its Steelwork and Machines division in a fantastic partnership with a large number of professionals. The premises have BREEAM Outstanding certification, are energy neutral and optimally reuse water which means the lowest possible negative impact on the environment.

One important challenge of the business case was aligning the subsidy to the strict BREEAM requirements and the technical feasibility.

A great deal of effort went into achieving the highest BREEAM score and its associated strict requirements, without losing sight of the aims of the subsidy.

The gleaming result: GKB was the first company to achieve the BREEAM Outstanding design certificate for business premises under the latest BREEAM standards (2014).

Plus Projects was able to make a significant contribution to this project by incorporating the building investment under the Energy Investment Allowance Scheme (EIA), the Environment Investment Allowance Scheme (MIA) and the Renewable Energy Production Incentive Scheme (SFE).

For more information about this GKB building that is BREEAM Outstanding certified see: www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=10&v=K7p-zRYEa30 or read more about the building and the partnership for constructing the building at www.gkbgroep.nl/#duurzaam

image_Plus Projects_Cases_GKB