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Our team

  • Marjolein Nijhuis

    Founder + Managing Director + Senior Consultant

    One of my customers once described me as the “grindstone of his thoughts.” This was a great compliment for me, because it reflects how I work with our customers to shape their projects by means of grants and incentives.

    Innovation | Sustainability | Culture and Society | International | Management

  • David Paul Doornbos

    Founder + Senior Consultant

    The challenge for me is to make the connection between our customers’ complex projects and grant opportunities. This connection isn’t always apparent. Our talent for this ‘sport’ is an essential component of our success.

    Innovation | Sustainability | Culture and Society | International

  • Constantijn van Eck


    As a Process Engineer I am familiar with the need of organisations to continuously improve their processes and make them more sustainable. Not only are these changes accompanied by major technical challenges, the financial barrier is often very high. At Plus Projects I get the opportunity to help organisations overcome the financial threshold and thus the possibility to facilitate technical progress in the field of sustainability and science.

    Innovation | Sustainability

  • Erik Sewalt, MSc

    Erik Sewalt Vierkant

    I have broad interest in technology, IT and finance. This makes it a lot of fun to work on innovations with many different organisations. Not only because it is interesting in terms of content, but also because I can offer the possibility of further innovation through grant funding.

    Innovation | Tech

  • Luisa Kremer, MSc


    Plus Projects gives me the opportunity to explore possibilities of many different companies that contribute to a sustainable and innovative future. Lowering the financial threshold certainly helps with this. It is important to me that my work does not stop here, but that from here on, we look further together at even more sustainable development opportunities. In my view, (international) collaborations and learning from each other are central with a view to the challenges that will come our way on the way to the world of tomorrow in which purpose and profit can be combined.

    Innovation management | Sustainability

  • Douwe Bouwers, MSc

    Douwe Bouwers6 Vierkant

    A sustainable world requires many innovations. The urgency is increasing and so is the need for funding. The great thing about working at Plus is that you can contribute to this by helping sustainable, innovative companies with grants. I think one of the most interesting things about working here is that, as a consultant, you connect with a great diversity in companies which you can help move forward. Because of my background in industrial design, I’ve got affinity with new technologies and innovations. This makes it easier for me to understand our technological clients.  

    Innovation | Sustainability

  • Ewout van den Dries, LLM

    Ewout van den Dries1 (1)

    To me growth is key. Both personal growth and the sustainable development of our international society are, in my view, one of the greatest interests for today’s society. I can apply my diverse interests in art, culture, energy, technology and safeguarding our biodiversity in my job at Plus Projects. Working at Plus Projects also gives me the opportunity to use my legal background and to solve legal-technical issues, with the aim of providing the client with maximum subsidy advice and facilitating their growth.

    Innovation | Tech | Sustainability

  • Loek Ramaekers, MA

    Loek Ramaekers1 (1)

    Subsidies can play a crucial role in making the Dutch economy more sustainable. We have to go through a green transition, and it is important that the government does this together with organizations. I see subsidies as a form of positivity – the best incentive for collaboration. I see this positivity reflected in many innovative and circular projects and that makes me enthusiastic. Because of my background in the history of international relations, I see many opportunities to connect people and bring ideas together. In this way I hope to contribute to restoring the bond between people and planet.

    Innovation | Sustainability

  • Mireille Karthaus

    Office Manager
    Mireille Karthaus4 Vierkant

    As Office Manager I am responsible for the (financial) administration, organizational and secretarial matters, I’m the link between management and the consultants, the point of contact for our suppliers and customers and facility support. It’s important that everything runs smoothly here.

    Working at Plus Projects is certainly challenging, it is never boring here. There is a good team spirit and everyone is here for each other. That makes it a nice place to work.

    My motto is above all: “a day without laughter is a day wasted”!

  • Linda van der Veer

    Office Manager
    Linda van der Veer5

    In May I started as an office manager who, in addition to the day-to-day business, also takes on HR tasks. I am very enthusiastic about Plus Projects because it is an open, no-nonsense organization. Plus projects consists of various ambitious people who all pursue the same ideals and want to make an impact in their own way.

    In my role it is important to unburden the consultants and the board when it comes to office matters and also to take a good look at our mission, vision and objectives in the field of HR. How do we ensure a good working climate, how do we retain our current colleagues and how do we attract new colleagues?
    I get energy from contact with colleagues, conversations with external parties, developing ideas and policy; I do a large part together with my colleague office manager Mireille. How nice is that?

  • Karlijn Coenen


    While studying the master Sustainability, Entrepreneurship & Technology, I am responsible for marketing at Plus Projects. I really enjoy working in such a motivated team. It is great to see how everyone is working hard for a green future. Making a real impact is important to me so I love to tell the (impact) story of Plus online!

About Plus Projects

Plus Projects was founded in 2005 by Marjolein Nijhuis en David Paul Doornbos with the intention not to be the biggest, but to be the best grant and incentives consultancy.

We have evolved into a successful consultancy specialised in innovation and sustainability projects that positively impact the world around us. A consultancy that aspires to build constructive relationships with its clients, and with grant institutions, without losing sight of quality, and with the courage to stick its head out from the crowd. Getting the maximum out of every project is and will always be the formula to our success.

We are proud of all the clients we have advised over the years, and with whom we have built a constructive, personal relationship. This includes the most innovative and sustainability-oriented businesses in The Netherlands; from car manufacturers to record labels to sugar plants. They know they can count on us.

We hope to be of service to you too!

Mission + Vision

Together with our clients we are at the core of complex innovation and sustainability projects, with a positive impact on our society.

It is our mission to strengthen these projects by rendering maximum grant advice. We do this with a personal approach, critically, diligently, and professionally, regarding all the stakeholders involved. This way, we actively contribute to the positive development of the world of tomorrow.

Art Connection

We have a special connection with art. Art is subjective, speaks to the imagination, demands insight and conveys the artists’ ideas. There is common ground with the world of grants, but that is besides the point in this case. Art simply belongs to Plus Projects’ fibre. This will not elude you when you visit our office, and is explicitly woven into our visual identity.