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  • Marjolein Nijhuis

    Founder + Managing Director + Senior Consultant
    IMG_Marjolein Nijhuis

    One of my customers once described me as the “grindstone of his thoughts.” This was a great compliment for me, because it reflects how I work with our customers to shape their projects by means of grants and incentives.

    Innovation | Sustainability | Culture and Society | International | Management

  • David Paul Doornbos

    Founder + Senior Consultant
    IMG_4421x nr 2

    The challenge for me is to make the connection between our customers’ complex projects and grant opportunities. This connection isn’t always apparent. Our talent for this ‘sport’ is an essential component of our success.

    Innovation | Sustainability | Culture and Society | International

  • Marloes van den Berg-Janssen, MSc

    IMG_4523x – kopie2

    A front row seat to a wide range of innovations and I’m thrilled to be the one to help those innovators to combine all the different project elements effectively and efficiently.

    Innovation | Sustainability

  • Thijs Mak, MSc

    Thijs Mak

    I want to make a difference for a sustainable world. If I can convince clients to choose for sustainability using financial incentives or subsidy, than I am working towards that goal.

    Innovation | Sustainability

  • Cheryl Philipsen, PhD

    Cheryl Philipsen

    I love technology and innovations. That’s why I am driven to advise scientists, engineers and innovators to realise their ideas through financing solutions!

    Innovation | Sustainability

  • Vincent Esposto, MSc

    Junior Consultant
    Vincent Esposto

    I am fascinated by the diversity of projects and clients at Plus Projects. As an eager learner I am looking to expand my knowledge base and gain experience as a consultant.

    Innovation | Sustainability

  • Annabelle Berlet, MA

    Senior Consultant
    Profielfoto Annabelle Berlet

    Contributing to a sustainable future, that is what drives me. I like to clearly visualize complex issues. At Plus Projects I can combine both. Moreover, I get energy from all the amazing projects that I see, that make the world a bit smarter and / or better.

    Innovation | Sustainability | Culture and Society | International

  • Eline van Bruggen, Msc

    Junior Consultant
    Profielfoto Eline van Bruggen

    Sustainability is a common thread throughout my life. It is inspiring to see this now coincides with supporting beautiful, innovative projects that offer me a new view of the world every day.

    Innovation | Sustainability

  • Milou Nipshagen, MSc

    Junior Consultant
    Profielfoto Milou Nipshagen

    Besides the fact that I find it important to continue to develop myself, it is just as important to support projects with an energetic and connected team that makes a difference to our society. That makes me very excited!

    Innovation | Sustainability

  • Kim de Vrij, BSc

    Junior Consultant

    From my studies, where innovation and sustainability were key, set in motion my growth in to a real nerd in the field of responsible developtment. At Plus Projects I have to oppertunity to work on projects where these themes are central, and thus contribute to a better world.

    Innovation | Sustainability

  • Nicolien Spoelstra

    Office Manager

    Our office is definitely dynamic. Colleagues who walk in and out of the office, work towards deadlines, and everything within the company realm. The pleasant challenge for me is to make everything run smoothly.

    Office Management | Administration

  • Nan de Bruin, MA

    Content Marketeer
    Profielfoto Nan de Bruin

    At Plus Projects I can tell stories that matter: about complex technologies and innovation that contribute to a sustainable future. My challenge lies in translating complex subjects into great stories. That gives me energy every day!

    Branding | Lead Generation | Content Creation

  • Kim Mourmans

    Office Assistent
    Profielfoto Kim Mourmans

    Supporting the office manager and my colleagues is something I really enjoy doing. Taking work off your hands, so that everyone can focus on their primary tasks. Together with the office manager, I like to make sure everything runs smoothly, because it gives me a lot of energy!

    Office assistant | Administration

About Plus Projects

Plus Projects was founded in 2005 by Marjolein Nijhuis en David Paul Doornbos with the intention not to be the biggest, but to be the best grant and incentives consultancy.

We have evolved into a successful consultancy specialised in innovation and sustainability projects that positively impact the world around us. A consultancy that aspires to build constructive relationships with its clients, and with grant institutions, without losing sight of quality, and with the courage to stick its head out from the crowd. Getting the maximum out of every project is and will always be the formula to our success.

We are proud of all the clients we have advised over the years, and with whom we have built a constructive, personal relationship. This includes the most innovative and sustainability-oriented businesses in The Netherlands; from car manufacturers to record labels to sugar plants. They know they can count on us.

We hope to be of service to you too!

Mission + Vision

Together with our clients we are at the core of complex innovation and sustainability projects, with a positive impact on our society.

It is our mission to strengthen these projects by rendering maximum grant advice. We do this with a personal approach, critically, diligently, and professionally, regarding all the stakeholders involved. This way, we actively contribute to the positive development of the world of tomorrow.

Art Connection

We have a special connection with art. Art is subjective, speaks to the imagination, demands insight and conveys the artists’ ideas. There is common ground with the world of grants, but that is besides the point in this case. Art simply belongs to Plus Projects’ fibre. This will not elude you when you visit our office, and is explicitly woven into our visual identity.