Labchain | A lab without fuss

Blockchain technology is also immensely valuable in the world of medicine. DDQ has proven this with the development of Labchain, the first truly open source medical blockchain solution in the Netherlands.

Hospital laboratories currently carry out blood analyses using documents that have to be retyped at various stages in the process. The results are then sent by post from one laboratory to another. This process is prone to errors.

DDQ devised a plug & play box with Maastricht University Medical Centre that makes cumbersome paper obsolete and that can be connected to all standard laboratory IT systems. Labchain allows results to be safely transported between laboratories by using blockchain technology.

The development and testing of Labchain is a firm first step towards the more efficient organisation of processes in hospital environments. Although advanced technologies such as blockchain are still in their infancy, they can be immensely valuable.

Plus Projects successfully applied for funding for this project from the SIDN Fund that supports pioneering projects at the cutting edge of technology and society.

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