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Oil spills kill marine life and contaminate beaches. Nortek helps to limit the consequences of this contamination by quickly and automatically detecting the oil using radar. Nortek and Plus Projects have been working together for a long time, successfully applying for WBSO subsidy several times over the years.

Back in time

Everyone remembers the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. An oil detection system is crucial to prevent major natural disasters. Such a system makes it possible to detect leaks at an early stage. Nortek’s SeaDarQ Automatic Oil Detection System makes this possible.

Detect dirty oil

Nortek B.V. developed the SeaDarQ Automatic Oil Detection System to limit the consequences of oil pollution by detecting the oil quickly and fully automatically using smart radar technology. This radar system is now successfully used by oil tankers, drilling platforms, but also in ports and by scientists. Upon detection of leaked oil, the system immediately alerts the user. The technical challenges mainly lay in dynamically pre-processing the radar images to improve contrast; the statistical method to distinguish suspicious stains on the water surface from the seawater and the tracking techniques to follow a suspicious stain over time and decide whether it is an oil spill or some other phenomenon.

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