Nortek | Visualising dirty oil

Oil spills kill marine life and contaminate beaches. Nortek helps to limit the consequences of this pollution by quickly and automatically detecting oil using a radar.

We can all still remember the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. An oil detection system is crucial for preventing large-scale natural disasters. This type of system enables leaks to be detected at an earlier stage. The SeaDarQ Automatic Oil Detection System by Nortek B.V. makes this possible.

Nortek B.V. developed the SeaDarQ Automatic Oil System to limit the consequences of oil pollution by quickly and completely automatically detecting the oil using smart radar technology. This radar system is now being successfully used on oil tankers and drilling platforms and also in ports and by scientists. When an oil leak is detected, the system immediately warns the user. The technical challenges lie mainly in the dynamic pre-processing of the radar images to improve the contrast. This involves a statistical method for distinguishing suspect oil spills from sea water and tracking technologies for monitoring suspect spills in real time and deciding whether these are in fact oil spills or are another phenomenon.

Nortek B.V. and Plus Projects have had a long working relationship and over the years have successfully applied for various R&D subsidies (WBSO). In addition, Plus Projects advises the DHI programme and the MIT programme among others.

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