What Our Clients Say

We appreciate the feedback clients give us. This motivates us, and allows us to keep on improving our service.

Plus Projects helps us in a pleasant and professional manner to optimally take advantage of grant opportunities.
It’s a comforting thought that Plus Projects tends to our grant applications whilst we focus on innovation.
We are a novice in the world of grants and incentives. Plus Projects has done an excellent job in guiding us well and professionally, with a fantastic result as outcome!
Due to the support of Plus Projects the application for grants has become easy again.
Plus Projects has advised us expertly in obtaining EIA, MIA and SDE grants.
Plus Projects thinks constructively and pro-actively with us and our optimalisation.
Plus Projects, for me, is a partner that thinks strategically about my company, with a valuable network, and of course, quality knowledge about grants and incentives.
You exceeded my expectations with double digits!
Plus Projects helps us thoroughly and professionally with the applications for innovation grants. They take care of a lot of work we would have to do otherwise. Moreover, the Plus Projects team does a terrific job in keeping us informed about the latest developments regarding innovation grants.
I can recommend Plus Projects to everyone. Stemming from an earlier partnership, they were co-responsible for the great grant success with me for a sports club in The Hague.
Plus Projects is has been our consultant since 2012 for the application for WBSO/RDA, and does so in a pleasant manner. They take care of a lot of work for us, think pro-actively, and are easy to reach for questions at a moment’s notice.
Plus Projects is an ambitious firm, with the knowledge and experience to get a maximum result. The expectations they put forward were fully realised in practice!
Tractive is specialised in the development of intelligent, active suspension systems. In the grant application process there’s always the risk that you lose yourself in last-minute, technical details. Fortunately, Plus Projects keeps us grounded with a focused approach, flexibility, and especially, thinking along with us. Thank you for the result.

ITM Group Mark Meijer - Mechanical Engineer

Oftavinci Adien Dam – Designer

Newomij Edwin van der Molen – Project Manager

Prysmian Group Ralf de Brouwer - HR Advisor Location Eindhoven & Nieuw-Bergen

GKB Groep Arjan Kraaijeveld - Owner GKB Groep

ICP Group Mark van Nieuwenhuijze - Controller

LessonUp Martijn Luijks – CEO

RDM Makerspace Jurjen Lengkeek - CEO

Squla Luuk Bakker – Business Analyst

Storks Michel Spaans – Former Chairman

Van Beest Anette Snijders – Business Analist

Van Wijnen Remi van der Pol – Project Leader

Tractive Suspension Tom Glazemakers - General Manager

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